Rehabilitation & Post Operative

team1At Pilates With Purpose our skilled and caring instructors are well qualified to help you get back to the true you after an operation or injury. We can come to you to tailor a program that suits your unique physical, lifestyle, emotional and social needs.

Following an injury or operation pilates is a very gentle way to rebuild your strength – we will focus on building the core muscles to help your body stay strong overall.
Improving flexibility within the body will help get all the right parts moving the right way to maximise your healthy, strength and fitness, and to reduce pain levels.  We will assess your posture and general movement and develop a program for you that will help improve these areas speeding up your recovery and helping to prevent re-injury.

After having had a total hip replacement I was very much in need of help in retraining my muscles to work properly. Being a pilates novice with very specific requirements, I opted for private sessions with Amanda. I have found her to be extremely attentive and patient with me.  She explains the purpose of the various exercises and encourages me throughout, gently correcting me when I slip back into old habits. I realise that I have a long way to go to full recovery, but feel that with Amanda’s help I will get there. Sheila P

We will help you to get back to the true you – the you who is healthy, strong and fit and lives life to the full.  Our body awareness techniques will help you to develop the confidence to move through your days without fear of re-injury.  Being in pain can be a cause of emotional distress for many people. We will develop a program aimed specifically at reducing your pain levels and allowing you to move through life more comfortably, sooner.

The time following an operation or injury can be isolating for some people due to being either hospital or house bound. We encourage you to involve others in your pilates program. If you have someone helping to care for you they may like to be involved so that they can better support your recovery. Or perhaps this could be a chance to invite a friend or two over for a healthy social activity.  Our instructors are highly skilled and caring and look forward to helping you get back to the true you.

I found Amanda at Pilates with Purpose more than two years ago. I was recovering from shoulder reconstructions in both shoulders so was in a pretty bad way. Her highly professional approach to helping me achieve progressively more and more strength and mobility has worked wonders. I’ve gone from almost no movement in my upper body to almost full mobility. I’m forever telling her the roads around the eastern suburbs are now much safer due to her coaching because at last I can check my blind spot on the road! – CQ