Pregnancy & Pilates

pregnancyCongratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy is such an amazing time in your life and here at Pilates With Purpose we can’t wait to help you make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

Our personalised pilates classes will focus on assisting you with your specific physical needs.  Pilates is a fantastic way to help tone the pelvic floor and help lower the risk of pelvic floor issues in the future, a problem that 1 in 3 women suffer from after simply carrying the weight of their babies during pregnancy.  Our classes will help build your core strength. This is vital for the task of carrying your growing baby more comfortably – both before and after birth!

Improving your flexibility through gentle stretching can help you to more comfortably accommodate your growing belly. Pilates is very adaptable. Our instructors are skilled at ensuring that the program they develop can be adapted to your changing needs as your body grows, your centre of balance moves and your birthing time draws nearer. Pilates is a fantastic way to assist in preventing injuries by maximising your core strength and posture. We will work on maximising your health, strength and posture during your pregnancy to help you have a speedier recovery after birth so that you can get back to the true you quicker.

I met Amanda 3 years ago through small Pilates classes at a boutique health studio and have found her approach to be very personalized and targeted to the individual’s needs… I have been attending her classes weekly throughout my wedding planning days, after my honeymoon and during my pregnancy and have found that my needs within each of the different stages have been met and am looking forward to attending during my postnatal period as well! I have always felt comfortable as she always checked in with us at the start of classes. – Jen B

Pregnancy can be a time of varying emotional challenges for some women. Your hormones are shifting, your body is changing (and possibly aching a lot!) and you are now responsible for a new little life. At Pilates With Purpose we keep this in mind when developing your individualised program.

We will ensure that your program provides an opportunity for you to appreciate the wonder of your growing body and the strength and flexibility to be found within it. By helping you to remain physically connected with the true you we help you to balance your emotional and physical needs.

If you have any specific hopes, goals or fears please chat to us so we can develop a program that will address these.

Our small group classes are a fantastic way to meet other women in your area. Or you might like to take advantage of our convenient home visits as a way to have a healthy catch up with a good friend – coffee and cake afterwards are optional! You may simply enjoy a private class in your home with one of our friendly instructors.
Our trainers are specially certified in the care and training of pregnant women and love to see our clients grow in strength throughout their pregnancy. Pregnant participants require written clearance from their care provider before attending classes so that we can providre the highest level of safety.

Amanda, Pilates With Purpose founder, pilates instructor and Ka Huna massage therapist has this to say.

As a pilates instructor that specialises in pregnancy and postnatal recovery, I find it amazing to watch women grow and help them through this transition in their lives.  Preparing for a new baby at home places a huge demand on your body and I love to suggest practical ways to implement the pilates fundamentals into simple at home tasks, like lifting up a bucket full of laundry, unstacking the dishwasher or even lifting a heavy pram into the boot of your car. – Amanda B