Pilates For Kids & Teens

kids&teens1If you’re looking for a fun and healthy way to keep your kids entertained, look no further!

Our easy to follow program is suitable for children aged 3-15 years.  We offer the convenience of coming to you.  Your school, day care, home, birthday parties, workplace – just name it and we’ll be there.

Our instructors specially trained by SmartyPilatesTM will focus on teaching great techniques that:

  • improve posture and alignment.TM logo
  • create awareness of the body and breathing.
  • bring movement and fun into everyday life.
  • increase coordination, mobility, balance, flexibility, endurance and strength.
  • engage the best/correct muscles for stabilised and controlled movements.

This active skill set can be transferred to everyday life for ideal functional living practises, whether it’s how to stand upright correctly and with confidence, walk home from the bus stop while carrying a heavy school bag, or sitting ergonomically at a desk or computer, etc… and of course, Pilates exercises will compliment any other physical activity in which your child engages.

We truly believe that mental and physical health are interrelated.

SmartyPilatesTM was created and developed in the UK by Gaye Holmes, a former Matwork Tutor and Assessor and faculty team member of the Pilates Institute in London.  The programme is endorsed by Skills Active in the UK and will shortly be endorsed by Fitness Australia.  It’s new to Australia and a fantastic complement to the existing programs we offer at Pilates With Purpose, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal recovery.  (The course has also recently been taken up by schools in the UAE.)

For more information regarding the benefits of Pilates for your children (or yourself!), or to book a session, please contact us or email contactus@pilateswithpurpose.com.au

For special occasions or other regular class opportunities we are proud to team up with KidzLounge in Bondi Junction. Please call us on 0411 607 608 or KidzLounge on 0411 861 509, or email contactus@pilateswithpurpose.com.au or info@kidzlounge.com.au.