Other Massage

massage1Here at Pilates With Purpose we are all about helping you get back to the true you – the strong, fit and healthy you who loves living life to the full. And there are so many ways that a massage can help with this – be it remedial, relaxation, Swedish, aromatherapy or sports.

Massages can provide targeted pain relief, improve immunity, assist in coping with stress, reduce the strain associated with sitting at a desk all day and increase oxytocin levels. Each of these points can significantly increase your quality of life and leave you feeling awesome.

Our massage therapists are fully trained to work with people at all stages of life and, if necessary, will work with the program you’ve set with your pilates instructor. So whether you are a pregnant woman looking to enjoy some relaxation; a new mum taking an hour for yourself; a sports person who needs to keep those muscles functioning at their best; recovering from an operation or injury and need some gentle muscle work; or just want to indulge in a beautiful, healthy, time out activity we can help you.

Give us a call and we’ll help tailor a massage treatment to suit whatever you have going on in your life right now. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your body!

“Steve is a professional masseur who not only does the best Ka Huna massage I’ve ever had, but also gives great sports and relaxation massages. He has a very positive energy and even did a great job easing a bad headache I had the first time I saw him. I am very happy to recommend him and have no doubt that he will live up to your expectations.” Sarah D.