Ka Huna Massage

ka hunaHere at Pilates With Purpose we understand the importance of looking after yourself holistically – physically, emotionally and spiritually. And we get that some days you would prefer to simply lie down and be pampered. This is why we offer amazing Ka Huna massage treatments.

Ka Huna massage is a Hawaiian massage technique that will transport you to a tropical paradise. It places importance on looking after the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Ka Huna massage involves your therapist using their hands and forearms in long, flowing strokes all over your body. This is incredibly energising as the energy swirls with your therapist’s dance-like movements. Getting into all the muscles to release tension, aid relaxation, stimulate your circulation and restore vitality, Ka Huna is an indulgent treatment for the body.

As the body energy flows so too does the emotional energy. The flowing strokes, gentle stretching and muscle work can restore mental energy and clarity. Perfect to help you get through emotional and mental blocks or after a tiring week at work. The beautifully relaxing techniques can also help to calm an anxious and over stimulated mind, bringing peace, clarity and calm.

By setting an intention at the beginning of your treatment you will make a spiritual connection with your therapist who will work towards the intention during your treatment. Your therapist will nurture you and connect with you to help clear any spiritual blocks. Many people find that, following a Ka Huna massage treatment, their spiritual state is filled with clarity, vitality, passion and light.

Here at Pilates With Purpose we love to see our clients achieve their goals and reach their full potential. And many of our clients find that a Ka Huna massage is a beautiful addition to their pilates exercise program helping to keep the body, mind and spirit perfectly balanced.  Our bodyworkers are qualified for beautiful pregnancy and Lomi Lomi massage too, and use 100% cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

We also offer gift certificates – so why not give someone the gift of a nurtured body, mind and spirit. The perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for!
Check out our video demonstration of Ka Huna massage below.

Tanya B loves the massages so much she’s been coming to Steve for over two years.

Steve is warm, gracious and extremely skillful. I always leave feeling totally refreshed and relaxed – it’s real Rolls Royce treatment – he will tailor the session to whatever my particular needs are on the day, which I love. Steve has given me regular, pregnancy and post-natal massages, all of which have been great.  And he’s got a great selection of music! I sincerely appreciate his attitude and ability, it’s why I keep coming back. – Tanya B

Video courtesy of www.highspiritsretreat.com.au