Functional Living & Injury Prevention

team2We all know someone who has hurt their back while simply bending over to pick something up or who has twisted their pelvis getting out of the car. Here at Pilates With Purpose we would love to help you reduce the chances of this happening to you! We love to create individualised programs that tie in with your lifestyle and help you to remain healthy, strong and fit.

David L has found pilates to be really useful in preventing injury while playing sport.

I play a lot of tennis and find that participating in pilates classes with Pilates With Purpose helps keep my muscles at the level of conditioning they need for me to get through each match.  Amanda really knows her stuff, and her focus and instruction are extremely relevant and personalised. – David L

Pilates exercises target the core muscles which need to be strong in order to protect the spine. We also work on improving your flexibility, body awareness and posture meaning that you will be better able to protect your spine and will have a greater chance of getting through everyday life injury free.

If you have any activities or challenges in your life which increase your risk of injury (think: lots of lifting, uneven stairs or a sedentary job) then you need to chat to one of our skilled and caring instructors about developing a program that targets and reduces these risks. We are happy to come to you for a convenient, personalised consultation which will assess:

  • Your posture
  • Current level of strength and fitness
  • Current flexibility and body awareness
  • Any body challenges
  • Any lifestyle challenges
  • Your goals

We love to see our clients enjoy living life to the full and getting the most out of their bodies. Life wasn’t meant to be painful!

Sharnee, one of our very skilled and caring instructors, loves helping people get the most out of their bodies.

What I love about teaching pilates, is the awareness you give people about their bodies. It’s an amazing feeling to give that realisation to people about their posture, their weaker muscle groups etc, as well as why they are so and how to best train those weakened muscles. This knowledge can then be taken into their daily lives and activities whether at the workplace or in other physical activities. I find this so rewarding hearing my clients tell me that they have been applying the pilates knowledge I have taught them into their lifestyles. – Sharnee