Corporate Group Classes

team3A huge number of businesses are adding corporate well being programs into their organisations and pilates is a fantastic way to do this. Here at Pilates With Purpose we would love to help your staff improve their physical, emotional and social well being – happy healthy workers are more productive workers!

A Pilates With Purpose corporate group class will focus on posture, strengthening the core, flexibility and body awareness. If your employees are required to do a lot of heavy lifting we can focus on improving core strength and thereby reduce the chances of injury. If you are an office where employees spend much of the day sitting, a pilates program can help get everyone moving and focus on good posture to prevent injury.

The links between mind and body are quite well documented and a healthy body improves mental health. By having a group pilates class your staff get the chance to connect mind and body, release tension and stress, increase body awareness and esteem and enjoy some healthy time out.

A group pilates class gives staff the chance to socialise in a healthy way. Employees from different sections and teams get the opportunity to come together and chat while improving their strength, posture and mobility. It’s the perfect opportunity for regular team building.

Businesses and organisations are increasingly realising the benefits of corporate well being programs – programs aimed at increasing the physical and mental health of their employees. The Australian Government department Comcare (whose responsibility includes workplace safety, worker’s compensation and rehabilitation) states that:
Put simply: Healthy workers = healthy organisations = healthy business performance (

And who doesn’t want a healthy business performance?
Or perhaps you would like to treat your employees at the completion of a tough project with a healthy gift? A pilates class rewards the body, mind and soul and can be a very effective team building activity.

I love working with corporate clients for so many reasons. To see the improvements in participants posture and the development in their strength and body awareness has been such a joy to witness! I believe this is something everyone who works behind a desk needs and would hugely benefit from. –Melissa Chivers, Pilates Instructor  

The small group classes (6 – 15 participants) allow our instructors to ensure that everyone receives some individual attention to suit their own challenges and goals while also providing a healthy social outlet for your staff. We like to ensure that our programs are convenient for you so the instructor will come to your workplace, at a time that suits you. You don’t need to worry about losing time due to travel and traffic and this also ensures that your wellbeing program is more accessible for your staff.

Give us a call today and we will let you know how we can help you maximise the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Samantha’s organisation has been using Pilates With Purpose for their wellbeing program for almost two years now and has this to say.

We’ve had a great take-up rate across the firm with the corporate Pilates sessions run by Pilates with Purpose. Holding sessions in the workplace adds a level of convenience, making the health and wellbeing initiative accessible to all of our people. We have a number of long term participants who have seen great improvements in overall core strength and flexibility from the sessions. It is also a great way of getting to know people across the firm. –Samantha